DJ KLIMA, About.

Hi, I'm Martin and attempts to present here for your figure and interest, good luck.

Age, 30 years / City, Polkowice / Country, Poland / Oh, Central Europe!

dj klima!

Types of music at party: house in all its forms, dance, trance and everything what you can find the potential to floor sparkled!

klima orign logo!

The origin of nicknames climate - DJ Klima; the age of 15 do not know exactly what he wants in life really do what is good what is bad, what gives you the most satisfaction and which only passes. Always where I've been and what has happened with music in which I had been involved, always create a specific "climate - like - klima'te" and the package quickly picked up and so on "Amsterdam Dance Miscion / ADM" called me a "klima, dj klima!".

dj klima - techno!

Music - has always loved rock music, all types of metal, punk, really thanks to the program of music radio DMC with a fairly clear and simple message, top 50 dance hits not once resulted in an injection need to look for - something more. Thank Maciek.W

Adventure, his first couple of gramophone records purchased in Amsterdam then this can no longer be stopped, is stated to plates, borrowed and sold. Then came the era of the CD and it has changed a lot, now, from my point of view, bags and suitcases were much lighter! ;) But when I say that the equipment was weak, and opportunities mix and reliability never CD does not equaled LP.

dj klima - fog console!

The equipment, the equipment was always bought used and got, by itself repaired and served still very much .... Very ... long!

Not just music - music has never been number 1, rather electronics and computer science, mechanics, heavy peculiar interest as a DJ meant quite a unique style.

Not just playing - more to create a new sound, it was the turn of the year 99/20 where already available were really as domestic conditions and equipment and samples, and the Internet, where you could a little preview how others do.

dj klima - rebirth!

My name is Martin(Marcin) and im a DJ / DJ called me? - Yes, once it was for me to prestige when people turned to me with that nickname, now hardly anyone realizes what this is all about, now rather society treats the nickname humorous and even mockingly, being a DJ is not just music it also lifestyle, the weight given to time for music and a continuous search, including finding satisfaction and nirvana.

dj klima - Amiga!

OK! - I already do not want to write and congratulate You - wanted to read!

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