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The whole world goes slowly to digital broadcasting. Platform to advertise, politicians and broadcasters are arguing about the technical details, and consumers running to the stores to buy flat-panel TVs HD Ready and Full HD because Jankowski from under sevens and Kowalski from the twenties a long time ago so bought. Who still watches movies on video? Who listens to music from cassette tapes or vinyl records? The rapid development of technology and the internet has caused a definite increase access to digitized cultural goods, to the satisfaction of trouble astringent and media companies. Thanks to the clever devices half the size of a pack of cigarettes can carry with you favorite artists discographies, all seasons favorite series and beloved films. Nothing that on a small screen, it's important that available right away in your pocket. But this is not what the online aspect of digitization wanted to write today. It would be interesting a'talking media issues, forgetting for a moment thought techno maniacs and visionaries, talking soon end of the physical medium. Think of the media for opposition analog-digit.

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Each of us has been in contact with the carrier digital and analog, even if you did not think about it until the end. Vinyl tape on the reel, finally cassette tape or video recorders. All these are media based on basic physical principles of electricity and magnetism, commonly present in nature. Thanks to the genius of man has managed to simple properties of various materials to form complex devices operate on the principle of electromagnetism and strengthening currents. Not to mention the first turntables and fonograf, the action which was neither unnecessary nor current magnet. It took just an idea to a physical record of a vibrating wave.

Analog recording era began 131 years ago when Thomas Edison in 1877, presented to the world the first machine for recording and reproducing sound. For all these years the idea has been constantly developed and improved. From a purely mechanical recording, whose fault was only Single Sign opportunity to consolidate audio, inventor quickly, because already in 1898, passed to rewritable. Yes, it's true, the first prototype of the tape was shown already in the nineteenth century. Of course, plastic production technology was in its infancy and no one thought of such a thing as magnetic tape. Electromagnetic recording made the most ordinary ... wire. The rapid development of chemistry has led to the invention of the tape recorder, first on paper, then in plastic. In the era after World War II tape recorders, although heavy and bulky, often the size of drawers marched tape known to us today.

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Few people know that the Polish genius inventor who was born in 1929, Stefan Kudelski, currently residing in Switzerland as a student in 1951, has developed a type of portable tape recorder "Nagra" from which the idea of all major manufacturers. Looking digression far into the future, it is worth noting that the company Kudelski "Nagra", which heads the day his son, Andrew, is the author of such inventions as the analogue pay-TV encryption "syster-Nagravision", the quality of the shows that was broken only by using computers in the second half of the 90 - were unsuccessful attempts to build a pirate decoder analog, which decoders were quite popular in the United States and Canada, where there were other pay-TV systems.

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But back to the main topic. Analog way of recording and playback, despite the potential kinks tape, scratches and wear plates, as well as a gradual, albeit imperceptible degradation of the reproduced material, like an analog method of transmitting radio and television programs is in fact a little vulnerable to total loss of signal. Bend the tape or disc will scratch instantaneous, almost imperceptible distortion sound that is immediately covered with a continuation of the emitted wave. The same applies to broadcasting, any interference reflective waves and fruiting shadowing, noise, squeal do not interrupt reception and access to sources of information. The human brain is able to miraculously adapt and filter unwanted obstacles. And what we have in the case of leciutkiego rain and digital reception? For example, digital cable TV I can say yes. First, freeze frame, then chopped artifacts and sound interruptions in the end nothing. Null. Zero. This great digital broadcasting technique must be perfect laboratory conditions, to graciously wished to demonstrate its modernity, which lies in the fact that it pushes a different, anyone unnecessary "facilitate" and "extension" of which I never will use, and for that you still need pay.

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And here we come to the point, why analog is more natural to the human body. Just as Moliere Mr. Jourdain not versed that he can speak in prose, so probably we are cognizant that our senses operate on the principle of analogue. How the ear works. The easiest way to tell that a sound wave reaches the membrane that vibrates, and special nerves turn into physical vibrations into electrochemical impulses digital to be able to understand the brain. This brain is a digital apparatus, while the input is analog. Therefore, for every man, subjectively it is true, in a warmer and fuller sound unprocessed sound waves digitally, so coming from physical media (CD) or electromagnetic (tape). I do not write these words as a snooty audiophile what it pays 200 usd / per meter of platinum wire ends into the column, and recognizes only Jamo, Harman Kardon, Marantz and Denon. I am writing this as a regular user music CD, which after scratching landed in the trash, because even specialized programs on your computer it could not bring off and create a "perfect digital copies" (unlucky crack had become nothing less than only the exact spot where the mill writes the "table of contents" compact, so-called. TOC), and the tape on the reel, which drew a malicious tape recorder my dad for his bachelor days, is still running and I can listen to authentic recordings from the charts of Radio Luxembourg 70s.

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