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From this place , I would like to thank everyone who had anything to do with art projects emanating from the character KLIMA LIMITED, it took many years of hard work , and several days of good music , countless hours of events, the whole ton of passive smoking, the number of known people, all are important but there are those who have particularly contributed to all this.

And especially my girlfriend , a wife is not counted of patience and support we would not be !

Friends for having always believed in the projects and crazy ideas that so ambitiously implemented.

The list is random and there is no logic here , it's just , thank you.

Last Party!

Muzyczne Radio, DI FM – Digital Imported, RMI FM, Planeta FM, BeatPort, Music Vampz, Cosmic Gate, Blank & Jones, André Tanneberger, Robert M, Aphex Twin, Cosmonova, Lexy & K-Paul, Kwakus, Arczi, BBX, Ania Deko, Mafi, DroBIAZG, Elementary Gro-Ove, Ubiq Music, Axle Boyz, Unibodek, LoudBit, TradeLove, SeXtremal, PaX, Lipek, Antygroove, Step Over Bitz, Litle Mix, Matt Pokora, Greg B.

DJ KLIMA - Tape Cat!

If you want or think you should be on this list, then you know what to do.

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