Hi, just on a personal page DJ Klima, you do not find anything after for some information, profile, music and a few other non-essential topics.

Creature was created and mutated for many years, until they reach such a form, a lot of people asking why black - white? There are a few reasons, if you are really interested in it you will find it here for sure.

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In fact, my name is Marcin (Klima) Klimkiewicz, takes the music from the production, remixing and mastering the mix for livestock, 15 years of experience and a sense of trends in European stock markets, seeing, and the use of newer and newer toys makes continuous with enthusiasm and countless ideas do not lack of energy, where I is the Klima. My name is DJ not "because it is fun" just because I worked with wax nearly seven years, I accumulated about 4,000 singles dance music and about 1000 albums, playing 500 events min after 3 - 5 hours.

Note I am not a holiday in the fashionable seaside players ;) never touch to weddings and such similar roundup, just not hyped launches to huge events, too bad because I met a lot of cool people there but it was not here, you can me for the summer to meet the some cool pool, a small cafe, a nice outdoors, now retired, I practice in a little town on the local mob commercial trends, unfortunately, in spite of everything I put in a lot of work and I invite you to listen to your favorite songs in styles which you do not know!

dj klima - electronic!

I am a DJ who combines knowledge from different specialized fields. By combining these key elements created a unique style and quality, but at parties where people treading water, to listen to the radio pieces or those that fly on mtv, eska tv, viva ... embarrassment!! people wake up! Everywhere in the world the belief in raging night, with good house music;) do not set themselves at his own request in the queue for Negroes (without offending blacks)! Open your head on something new! Listen to the radio at home and at the party muse Get into the club and not cry anywhere because in the end it will not be fun with a good music...

dj klima - wrong way?

Maybe just the producers chose the wrong path, or maybe people just do not pay attention to how the game DJ, who is not interested in a piece done? This in turn would indicate, however, that for an increasing number of people is not important as who creates, and importantly, the show is about. More important is to be the center of attention, appearance, knowledge and the poor photographer who from all this too would want to draw something;) Music becomes an addition to the event, and not the crux.

dj klima - undergroud viva!

I see no embarrassment in playing with CD, MP3 players, even a few years ago, people spoke contemptuously of DJh playing with notebook or PC, and now no one is somehow not surprising. As for me, DJ can play even in pots, if only he can in this way to build a party mood.

It would be really extra, if the DJ `s playing the event, getting for this payment and its due Respect and recognition / fame or fun. It would be extra if they promoted their favorite producers by buying their productions and helping to increase the sale of pieces. And even more extra would be if the music was free and the musicians would live for money from space.

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The role of the DJ is primarily a selection of music, because it's his job to dig through 1,000 pieces and select those with the greatest potential and release them to the people. Maybe not, in my opinion, mixes particularly well - it just fine, but with awesome selection will always be crowds at the party!

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